• Now What? presents... "The Art & Business of Songs" with Grammy Nominated writer and producer Antonio Neal..This event is designed for indie artists, composers and producers who want to stretch themselves as songwriters as well as enhance their knowledge of the business of music..

  • Get your song critiqued by award winning singer/songwriter Antonio Neal and the Now What? staff

  • Grab the Now What? Memphis course today! 9 video sessions, 4+ hours. Purchase your copy today with the button below..

  • Events designed to educate writers, artists and musicians with ideas, trends, information and tools to market, promote and maximize their arts potential.

  • Have you attended an event before? You are entitled to a 50% ambassador discount on all future events

  • Stop second guessing
    if you're talented or not..
    Stop comparing yourselves to others..
    Yes,You really do have
    the gift and talent to reach the world..
    Keep doing what you've done up to this point
    until the moment of "Your Time/Your Season" shows up

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Here's what others are saying:

NOW WHAT? not only provided an intimate and enjoyable atmosphere to gain valuable music career training from award-winning music professional Antonio Neal, It provided me the opportunity to connect with other like-minded artists. After attending NOW WHAT?, I feel empowered and inspired to keep pursing my dream. Thank you Antonio Neal for affording me with such an amazing network of support!!
- Kendall Triplett
"Now What" is a token of God's grace toward us. I got a wealth of information. I would definitely pay to attend again. I not only got my questions answered, but also got the confidence and encouragement that what God has placed in me matters and I should let nothing get in the way of God's musical masterpiece.
- Donte Mishawn
I attended the Now What? Conference this past June and was very encouraged by Antonio Neal’s presentation. I have been pursuing a career in music for the last 12 years or so and am finally releasing my very first EP. I had been asking myself the very question: “Now What?” and am pleased to say that the conference addressed a lot of the uncertainty that I have been facing regarding my career. When I left the conference, I felt as if I could do the very things that Antonio Neal talked about, such as writing for film and television. Sometimes when a big name artist speaks of their career and their success, it [success] feels out of reach or albeit impossible, but Antonio Neal, made it seem that the door of opportunity is available to all of us. All in all, I believe that attending the conference has helped to see that my dreams of making music and making a living are attainable.
- Carmenetta L.M Spearman