What Next For Music Marketing?

Can Spotify really save the music industry? Many artists and labels are putting their faith in streaming services, both as a source of direct revenue and a way of gaining access to data on their fans, but they might be better off relying on more old school methods. ​__________________________ Guest…

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5 Omissions From Berklee College/Rethink Music’s Report

Berklee College of Music/Rethink-Music/Kobalt Music put out a report criticizing various rights/publishing organizations within the music industry for not providing artists with sufficient transparency or pay, although this article posits that the report should have delved deeper. _______________________________________ Guest Post by David Lowery on I love transparency. Last week…

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SaaSing The Music Business [Ethan Kaplan]

What does the shift to a streaming music economy mean for the industry as a whole? As the business changes and SasS (Software as a Service) providers become the dominant players, artists will have to work hard to remain relevant. _____________________________________ By Ethan Kaplan General Manager / SVP of Music…

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Top 6 Overlooked Merch Items

Although music and band shirts are often thought of as making up the bulk of merchandise sales at shows, this article lists several items which are often omitted from the merch table, in spite of their popularity among concert attendees. ___________________________________________________ Guest Post by Matt Voyno on The New Rockstar…

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This Friday July 10th Is 1st Global Music Release Day

The shift to Friday as the "official" release day for music globally begins this week. Friday, July 10th at 12.01 AM will be the new official date for new global music releases. Friday is already new release day in Germany and Australia, but the shift means big changes in the…

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Indie DIY Advice: Write ‘Thank You’ Notes

While adding extra items to merchandise orders can be expensive for an artist or record label, ‘Thank You’ notes can be a friendly and cost effective way to connect with fans while helping to increase social media exposure. _______________________________________________________________ Guest Post by James Shotwell on I’ve been running my…

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